Treasure Hunt

Rumours had filtered through the hive faster than a miliasaur on a dose of spook. Word was that a trove of treasure had been spotted downhive, the only catch being that it was smack bang in a zone said to be rife with zombies being herded up from the sump by Scavvy wretches.

The rewards evidently outweighed the risks. Search parties sent out from four of the region’s notorious gangs swept into the zone.

The Bob’s however didn’t sweep much further. Their heavy, taking up an elevated position aimed one shot, flesh wounded Zauri of the Beards, and with his work done was ordered by King Bob to get down and hide in a tower vessel.

Across the zone, the Orlocks and Pitslaves were less cagey. Both rushed at one another exchanging rapid bursts of fire. The Red Hood tool one of the Orlock leader’s wounds but was quickly pinned himself as the Orlocks fired in retaliation.

The Bobs’ cautious approach immediately began to pay dividends. Bob Conan pinned Zook and with him sprawled on the Bob Downey Jr fired for a flesh wound.

The Beards were stunned – caught between rushing the Bobs but fearful of chewing lead from overwatch fire.

The Orlocks took what appeared an early decisive blow. The Orlock leader – Emelio ‘The Don’ Bruno advanced and with one carefully aimed shot put the Red Hood out of action.

Enraged, the Pitslaves took rapid revenge. Armless ‘Arry pinned Vito; Drilly fleshwounded Scuttle; and Billy Shears put Salvatore out of action. But the superiority ended there as Vinny put Armless ‘Arry out of action and the Raggydolls fled the zone.

Meanwhile, the Beards had advanced to the loot. The gang’s leader Saul Mar opened the device, grabbed what was inside and with talk of a zombie curse proved nothing more than bogeyman prattle turned tail and made to evacuate the scene.

It wasn’t all plainsailing for the Van Saars. The Bobs – led by an eager Bob Downey Jr – put Zook out of action. And with the Beards now realising that victory was at hand and fleeing from the table, the Bob’s quit their entrenched position and raced after them. Bob Harris cornered Doce and took him out the fight.

Up on the gantry, Zauri having been shot in the back, but risen and with no ammo, charged the Orlock Scutter and after a short but brutal hand to hand exchange put him out of action. The Orlocks fled.

The fight ended as the Van Saar leader and what remained of his gang slipped out of the zone and back to their hideout to study their rare find – a holoprojector that is now owned by Sh*tgun Jack.

Shortly after, rumours of the fate of those who had been wounded began to filter through the Underhive. The Bobs had skilled up, gaining an inventor skill and immediately invented a rare prize.

But the tallest tale was yet to come. Word has been whispered that the Red Hood, lying mortally wounded in the zone, had been found by an Orlock medic who taking pity on the mechanical cripple had promised to turn him off and turn him on again in exchange for an as yet unpaid debt.

Rumours continue to circulate of a new, unnerving alliance.


The Beards Vs The Raggy Dolls: Wheezy’s Revenge

The Beards ran back into the Pit Slaves territory in three groups. Cocked, locked and ready to shock.

The leader Saul Mar had gone on ahead using his infiltrator skill to set up behind a pillar close to the advancing Pit Slaves.

At the first opportunity he broke from cover and engaged MC Hammer in hand to hand combat. Flashing his chainsword, he took just one of the Slave’s two wounds.

What looked like bravery now faded into folly as Billy Shears – the monster behind Wheezy’s horrific injuries rushed into hand to hand combat with Saul, pitting him two against one.

Elsewhere, the Beards hopes looked dashed as their new talisman, Wheezy – the juve who had inspired them to seek revenge on the Raggy Dolls – was put out of action by a single shot from their leader, The Red Hood.

And the Beards leader quickly followed. Billy Shears cut him down and with a second snip from his replacement limb narrowly missed taking Saul’s head clean off his body.

With two men down in the first few turns, it was looking grim for the Beards…but then suddenly the tide turned.

Alnitak, having seen his leader put down, stepped up. With a single shot he downed the Red Hood. Doce taking aim at Armless ‘Arry struck off his final wound.

The Pit Slaves and Beards exchanged mid-range fire with members of both gang getting pinned, rising up again and repeating the cycle.

But the loop was broken by the Beards heavy Tragar, who, having crept up a ladder and taken a sniping position with the barrel of his stubber poking through a bulkhead window, took a winning shot that downed the Servitor.

The Raggy Dolls bottled and ran from the fight.

Both sides were lucky that no one died. Wheezy suffered more impressive scars and gained a medic skill. The Raggydolls leader also became scarred – so hideously in fact that that he now causes fear.

It was the Beards ganger Alnitak, however, whose advance may prove to be most significant. With a leadership skill now higher than his boss Saul Mar, and a grudge over his manhandling of Wheezy, there will soon be a showdown with the leader.

Alnitak narrowed his eyes and watched as Knack tended to the gang’s injured leader.

Soon, he thought, I shall make my move.

The Beards vs the Raggy Dolls: The Rescue of Wheezy

“Make way,” Knack called, throwing open the door. “Make way, I say!”

The young medic plunged into the drinking hole. His eyes, widening to take in the gloom, flitted across the half filled room. “That table there,” he pointed. “Clear it now.”

“Hey, what’s going on?” came the voice of the bartender.

“Bring him in, quickly. Quickly!”

Saul Mar entered, cradling a bloodied mess of rags.

“What you got th-” the Barman started.

Saul Mar peeled back a corner of the cloth. A pallid face peered out, its eyes swivelling about unbidden.

“It’s Wheezy,” replied Knack.

“Or what’s left,” chimed Sh*tgun Jack. He swept the empties from the table and patted the surface. “Get him over here. Let’s take a look at what those creatures have done.”

Rescuing Wheezy had been easier than anticipated. Saul had led a small unit of just two gangers into the Pit Slaves territory and as luck would have it only one Slaver was home.

Armless ‘Arry was patrolling a second floor gantry and before he could react all three of the van Saars had crept beneath cover, mounted a ladder to his position and surrounded him in hand to hand combat. One swipe of Saul’s chainsword and the lone guard was down, bleeding on the floor.

“Who knew?” said Tye, dipping his toe into the sticky red pool that was spreading across the floor. “I thought they’d bleed oil.”

Saul freed Wheezy from his chains, hoisted his limp body over his shoulder, and together the trio slipped out of the Pit Slave territory as quickly and quietly as they had arrived.

Knack unpeeled Wheezy’s body suit to get a better view of his injuries. “Holy Emperor,” he whispered, “What have they done to you, little buddy.”

“Multiple injuries,” the medic called out. “Terrible chest wound…left hand pulped…left leg hobbled… bleeding from his right ear. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was partially deafened.”

The bar’s low hum had drew silent so that the only sound left was Wheezy’s ragged breathing, which now seemed to fill the room.

Knack held a finger in front of Wheezy’s face. “Follow my finger, Wheezy.”

No doing. The juve’s eyes each swivelled about of their own accord.

“Wheezy,” Knack said, his voice comforting. “Focus, my friend; focus on my fin-”

In one fluid movement, Saul had pushed Knack aside, and backhanded Wheezy across the face. “Wake up, Soldier!” he screamed.

Alnitak, who had been hanging back, tensed and made to move. Tye placed a hand across his chest and silently shook his head.

Knack forced his way between Saul and Wheezy. “Seriously Boss, that’s no way to treat-”

Wheezy’s eyes stared straight ahead. His breathing had calmed. He blinked.

“You want back in the fight, Soldier?” Saul growled.

Something close to a smile crossed Wheezy’s scarred face.

“What you say we get straight back over there, and kick the living bolts out of those Slaves?”

Wheezy nodded.

“He needs to rest-”

“Shut up, Knack,” said Saul, squaring up to the medic. “He needs to get back in the game. Wheezy wants – no scrub that – Wheezy needs revenge.”

Wheezy slung his legs off the table and took to his feet. His hands balled into fists.

“Let’s go,” came his ragged voice. “All of us. Right now.”

Terrain WIP 08/05/2017.

So as every veteran Necromunda will remember the old card stock and plastic bulkhead terrain was some of the best every produced by Games Workshop. Shadow War: Armageddon has just been released and it features some very nice looking terrain which rivals that of the old Necromunda.

Recently one of the campaign participants purchased an industrial terrain set from: We cannot recommend them enough, the after sales support and design is second to none.

So after a few hours of pushing MDF from the sprues and a couple of cans of spray paint later……………….


This set mixes with the old set very well.

And looks fantastic when laid out .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So look out for further updates when the set is completely finished. I must add that the set adds so much to the game and a finished table with board/mat will complete the set (until we decide to add more terrain!).




Hive Tarsus is Scintilla’s second largest population centre and is the seat of the planet’s trade and commerce. It maintains an aggressive independence from Hive Sibellus, though it relies on the export produce of Sibellus’s manufactoria. Hive Tarsus’s proximity to the orbital docks means that it is also the home of the planet’s military units. Scintilla’s Planetary Defence Force, the Army of the Scintillan Protectorate, is based at Hive Tarsus.

Despite it being such a prestigious place to live there still lives an underbelly of scum and villainy in Hive Tarus death and decay always follow such low life scum. As such there are tales of a Scally King the size of an Ogryn. He is in control of a shambling horde of flesh eating zombies, should you ever meet these foul creatures you will not survive. There are even reports of a breakaway horde heading straight for Hive Sibellus; most people think that they could never survive the long trip through such the inhospitable dessert that separates the two great Hives.

Despite this the local Magistratum have issued a warning not to venture into the wastes for fear of the zombie horde roaming the desserts.Plague_Zombie_Poster_1

On a foggy drizzly night at the outskirts of the hive Vincent ‘Mad Dog’ Col stood at the lookout position surveying the area for any movement.

“Why would anyone be stupid enough to go out there guv’nor?”

“Because they were too slow to get the Guilder contract to protect the gateway” Emilio the Orlock leader replied.

From a dark shadow Moses grunted in with frustration as he cleaned his trusty heavy stubber.

“It’s not that simple” Emilio scowled back at him.

“Calm down boss, I’m just jealous of whoever survives”.

“You mean if they survive” Replied Emilio.

“Too true, but I’d like to get my hands on some of the loot these daft Guilders are offering”.

“Don’t worry about that, they could be working for nothing, at least we’re safe here”.

“Now get back to your positions and keep an eye out for them damned

Zombies, I’ll put any of you down if you get that dreaded Zombie Plague”.

With the last order given, the stubborn Orlocks leveled their guns and as if perfectly timed they heard a gunshot in the distance.


This scenario is designed for up to 4 players:

Set Up

The board will be setup by the arbitrator (Orlock player). There will be 2 Zombie “spawning” points near the centre of the table. Plenty of terrain will be available to hide and sneak your way to the middle of the board.

– Maximum of 5 gang members are allowed to take part (the rest aren’t so stupid).

– Tunnels/Vents are not in use.

– No heavy weapons are permitted, they are far too cumbersome to allow you run away from the Zombie horde – Heavies are allowed to participate.


Somewhere on the board is a lost date spike, the Guilders have issued a reward for its safe return. The game will end once 1 member of a gang has recovered the Data Spike and safely return it to the safe zone. Be warned the Orlock Watchmen have orders to shoot anything approaching the safe zone that could be a Zombie – Ensure no Zombies are following you or are a threat (See arbitrator for more information). OPENING FIRE ON THE ORLOCK WATCHMEN WILL BE MET WITH EXTREME VIOLENCE – The Guilders have issued a few extra toys for the Orlocks to use.

NOTE: If your gang bottles out (OR DOESN’T WIN) all active members need to test for the dreaded Zombie Plague (with a minus 3 modifier). This is to represent the risk of tackling the Zombie horde as you escape. See Zombie entry further down.

Bottle Test

Gangs are still subject to the 25% bottle test rule.


+ 10 Experience points for winning Leader.

+ D6 Experience points for surviving.

+ 5 Experience points wounding hit on other gangers.

+ 5 Experience points picking up the Data Spike (and returning it).

+ 3 Experience points for taking a Zombie out of action (Note Zombies cannot be pinned).

+ 10 Experience points for taking out the highest number Zombies out of action.


Each player will be given a randomly selected bonus mission; these are secret orders from the Guilders. Should you choose to complete the mission you will be required to announce you have completed the mission as soon as you complete it. This will enable whoever has the misfortune to be on the receiving end to retaliate against you!

– Saboteur: + 5 experience points for shooting and wounding the Data Spike carrier when they are attempting to return to the safe zone.

– Giant Killer: + 10 Experience points for taking the Scallie out of action.

– Old grudge: + 5 experience for taking out a random gang member from the opposing teams (they now hate your entire gang if they survive).

These can be completed by any member of your gang but only once.


The Zombie horde has made it to the out skirts; they have gathered in an old long abandoned underground bunker, there seems to be no end to the deadly plague Zombies.

There are several horrors for the willing/stupid adventurers to combat:

  • Random amount of Plague Zombies:
  • 4 Zombie dogs (these will be guarding the Scallie and the data spike).
  • 1 Scallie (Armed with scatter cannon).


Prizes & Post Game

Each player has the opportunity to ‘win’ their respective cache of rare trade items. These will vary from gun sights to ultra-rare items.

Post-game sequence is the same as per normal scenarios with the exception that any member of the gang who contracts the Plague Virus: Sickness result is unable to do anything post-game other than recover.

The Fug of War (and Grog)

Saul Mar’s eyes flashed open. Where was he? Who was he? From where was that smell of p*ss coming?

The answers came slower than they should have. Looking around he found himself in the bin store of the local watering hole. Touching his sore head, wincing, Saul recalled that he was the fearsome leader of a downhive gang known as the Emperor’s Beards. Stupid bloody name, he muttered. 

Saul had originally wanted to call his gang something dramatic – The Talon or The Vanquished – a name that would strike fear into the hearts of his fellow Underhive scum. Instead he’d found faith one night in the bottom of a bottle of grog and so The Emperor’s Beards it became. 
Dusting himself down, he gingerly rose to his feet. That smell of p*ss was just par for the course round these parts. Eau de Underhive. 
Saul considered which way to walk back to his gang’s HQ and as he set off, more questions (and another wave of nausea) rolled over him. Why had his supposedly loyal gangers left him here sleeping in bin juice? 

And then a memory struck him, stopping him in his tracks. A glimpse of some vast tentacle unfurling from the darkness and hauling away a Goliath screaming into the inky gloom. 

He rubbed his head. Dream or reality? It felt so ludicrous that it might have been true. More visions followed: Saul himself lying trussed up on the floor, being sold back to his own gang by some leering Orlock louse. And then a near repeat, but this time Saul handing creds to his Orlock counterpart in exchange for his bound and gagged ganger, Alnitak. That memory seemed to free up the rest.

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He saw Zook charge an Orlock, pummel him to the floor; then take a shotgun blast in the back; brush it off, rise to his feet and lasgun the Orlock leader to the ground. Saul smiled at the story, and how his compatriot had regaled it to the bar’s patrons yesterday evening. Zook would dine out on that tale for years – and deservedly so.
And then his smile faded to a sneer. He recalled hearing the steady report of guns fired methodically and repeatedly, execution-style by two Orlock gangers at two of his prone Beards, lying bleeding and helpless on the floor.

His gang had taken a real licking from the Orlocks in recent weeks, he could remember that now. But how many gang fights had Saul been drinking to forget? Time to turn things around. Get serious, Saul.

A rustling nearby and a low growl halted Saul’s internal pep talk and sent him reaching for his gun. His fingers closed around the stock of his plasma pistol; his ear cocked in the direction of what was now just eerie silence. 

Rumours had surfaced of Scavvies driving Zombies up from the depths and out into ganger territories. Of monstrous reptilian Scallies pulling juves apart with their clawed reptilian fists. He briefly thought of Wheezy but pushed the bitter memory from his mind. Probably just drunken talk. 

Saul pushed on for home.

The Bobs vs. The Raggy Dolls: Hell Bent, Hell Bent for Leather

The light from the lumen lamps was almost blinding to the Pit Slaves as they scavenged higher in the Hive than they had been before. Their eyes had become used to the deep under hive and up here the light mingled with the steam and vapours pouring from the vents to create an otherworldly atmosphere.

“Cooeey” came the shrill, thundering call echoing around the walkways. The Pit Slaves looked up and were taken aback by the almost Wagnerian sight they beheld. Standing on a ridge ahead of them, up to their knees in mist was a group of hulking giants stripped to the waist and bedecked with leather and chains. The lumen light reflecting off their sweaty muscular torsos, their numerous codpiece studs and many nipple piercings sent laser like shards in every direction. At the centre of these grotesques was the largest of them all, the notorious King Bob. Wearing tight leather chaps, a vulcanised rubber G string and a pair of heavy duty boots (and little else), he held in his hands five leashes, three in his right two in his left. At the end of each was a barely pubescent boy, attached by the rings on their leather studded collars, their nipple rings or nose rings. Each boy was armed with a knife, shank or broken bottle (though one seemed to be carrying a spork) and visibly cowered from the presence of their gang leader.

“Meinen Kinder” the mohican’d brute bellowed to his gang and chained juves. “I haf no interest in prisoners this time.”

“Too old” he commented with a coquettish smile to the one eyed heavy standing to his side; who looked mildly uncomfortable with the implication.

“Once I haf finished fingering your rings to release you, I vish for you all to pillage for as much booty as you can find. You all know how much I like booty don’t you boys?” The juve holding the spork winced.

King Bob then released his Juves, leaning in to three of them to whisper “now, I vish for you three of my smallest boys to enter and crawl down my special passage to come out all over them, catching these Raggy Dolls by their unawares yah.” The three juves nodded and slipped away.

Having Laid his trap King Bob’s Goliaths set themselves up across the battlefield. The one eyed heavy and a Juve took position on a platform to the right, with a ganger progressing under cover beneath them. King Bob stood to the right hand side of the centre on the first level, with another heavy and juve above him on the second floor. The remaining gang members (except the three absent juves) advanced under cover down the centre/left side of the engagement.

Meanwhile the Raggy Dolls, who had been somewhat stunned by the whole scene snapped into action. IG88B and Detroit the Techno stationed themselves on a gantry to the left hand side of the centre. Whilst Drilly, Buzz Cut, Billy Shears and MC Hammer moved in pairs through the maze of structures on the right of the centre opposite the Bobs advancing there to meet them in hand to hand combat. The Red Hood took a sniper position on the third floor of a tower to the far left, accompanied by Armless Arry.

“Red Hood” King Bob cried “I vill take your great red helmet in my fist and beat it till it explodes” he threatened. Armless Arry raised his eyebrow as he shared a nervous glance with his leader.

“Now Bobs, to war!” King Bob cried… and was promptly shot in the chest with a bolt round from the Red Hood.

The pairs of pit slaves skulked from cover to cover to meet the Goliaths doing the same from the opposite side. Then came a thud, thud, thud of IG88B’s heavy stubber as he fired a volley of shots into the juve on the second floor. The first shot hit its target, as did the third killing the Goliath outright whilst the remaining three shots disappeared into the space the gang member had been seconds before.

The one eyed Bob on the platform attempted to return fire at The Red Hood but misfired

Panicked by the early success of the Raggy Dolls the hidden juves crawled out from their hiding places; two to ambush the advancing pairs of pit slaves and one brave juve called Sponge Bob to avenge his leader appeared on the second floor of the tower beneath The Red Hood and Armless Arry.

“What was that?” said Arry as the Red Hood took aim at the one eyed Heavy on the goliath’s right flank. The pit slave leader fired but only managed to pin the heavy. “I don’t know, go check it out” he replied. Arry charged down the ladder at the juve below. He swung at him with his chain arm and took him out of action.

Meanwhile up on the second floor of the centre the heavy had come out from behind cover to help the dead juve. He tried to fire back at the servitor but also misfired; IG88B returned fire and shot him down.

Two juves, a heavy and their leader taken out in the first few moments of the conflict and the remaining Goliaths decided to cut their losses and fled. As One Eyed Bob was crawling back to safety he got a tap on the shoulder. He turned over to come face to face with Armless Arry’s stub gun.

“We’ve got your leader, e’s alive” Arry proclaimed, “Ow much d’you want for im?”

One Eyed Bob pulled out his wallet and inspected the contents “40 credits?” he replied

“Alright done” said Arry as he swiped the notes from Bob’s hand. He indicated to the shadows and MC Hammer and Billy Shears dragged the still unconscious body of King Bob into the light and dumped him on top of One Eyed Bob.

“See ya later” called Arry as the three pit slaves clanked off.

The Raggy Dolls vs. The Hand: Some Girls are Bigger than Others

The rain dripped steadily down on the scrapyard, covering everything in the shanty town with a greasy wet shine. The Hive was so vast that the breath and sweat (and Emperor knows what else) of its billions of inhabitants, created its own weather systems. In fact there were many different microclimates in the Hive but this far down in the underhive it rained nearly constantly, as all the liquid seeped down through the upper levels of habitation to drench the outcasts below.

A large shanty town had grown up in the scrapyard under the protection of the Pit slaves, comprising of outlaws, runaway slaves and occasionally the odd Ratskin. It wasn’t officially there and was hidden as best as it could be, camouflaging itself well simply by being constructed from the very materials it was surrounded by. It was called Raggytown or Hoodsville by its inhabitants and tonight it was not a scene of celebration.

“What happened?” shouted Armless Arry stopping the meticulous sharpening of the teeth on his chain arm to stare at the rest of the gang. “They’re just a bunch of Girls!”

“Big Girls” muttered Detroit the techno. Something had happened to him during the fight and he hadn’t been right in the head since. The gang had dragged him back to the scrapyard after finding him out cold and all he’d said since he’d come round was the occasional mumble of “Big Girls”.

“Me and Drilly took one of them out and were about to do two more of them in when you sounded the retreat” Arry continued. The implication was obvious but the Red Hood, seated in his scrap throne, remained silent and merely held Arry with his stare.

“They were tougher than the usual bearded softies we come up against” Buzz Cut the Gimp put in. At that comment a strange wheezed whimper emanated from the darkness at the corner of the room.

The encounter had come as a surprise to the Pit Slaves. They were patrolling through a part of the Hive they hadn’t been to before, scavenging for anything they could find when they had come across the mysterious women. The Raggy Dolls had thought their luck was in when they first saw the Hand gang of House Escher appearing out from under the walk ways and promenades, gracefully leaping from one obstacle to another… till they saw how many swords they were carrying.

The Pit Slaves had rallied well, initially. Detroit and the servitor taking up one sniping position on the right flank and the Raggy Dolls Chief The Red Hood and Buzz Cut taking up the high ground to the left. The Escher sped for cover but not before a few of them had been pinned by covering fire. The Hand’s agility had paid off however and of the three pinned gang members only one was wounded.

The Hand’s Leader led a main attack through the centre of the battlefield on two levels and Armless Arry, Drilly, MC Hammer and Billy Shears had split into two groups to meet them. Billy Shears and MC Hammer found cover and proceeded to fire their bolt Pistols at two Juves advancing across open ground.

“How do they keep getting up?” Hammer muttered to Billy as the two Juves seemed to effortlessly dodge the bolt rounds. “Keep firing” Billy replied, “They can’t be that quick”

Up on the promenade to the left Buzz Cut had moved away from his Chief to fire at the Escher at the front of the main spearhead, coming at them on the 1st level. He got off a shot with his laspistol wounding one of the advancing women and moved further along the mezzanine to the right to get a clear shot of another Hand member.

Drilly and Armless Arry had been making their way towards the oncoming gang, leaping from cover to cover to get close enough to get into hand to hand combat. There had been a few shots fired with pistols back and forth but neither side had hit when Drilly and Arry decided to charge. They both attacked the one ganger but before Arry could use their advantage of numbers Drilly had taken her down with his rock drill.

“Hey” said Arry, “I wanted a go”, as Drilly turned to Arry on his right with a big grin on his face. Moments later the grin fell from Drilly’s face when he saw two more Escher charging at them from behind Arry. “Alright, you want a go? you can take the one with two swords”

Meanwhile over on the right flank Detroit the techno and IG88B the servitor had been ineffectual, the heavy stubber of IG88B was unusually missing every shot and Detroit’s lasgun was out of range. Unbeknownst to them a small group of Hand members was making its way in cover across to them. The Raggy Dolls were used to being outnumbered but this time it had been too much. An Escher heavy armed with a plasma rifle took aim and shot Detroit in the head, taking him straight out of action.

Having moved along the walkway Buzz Cut took a shot at the next ganger in his view, this one was too quick however and was merely pinned by his fire. Ducking out of sight to avoid his shot she returned fire and got him in the leg. The Red Hood saw Buzz Cut shot down and got the report from IG88B the servitor that Detroit had been wounded almost simultaneously. Arry and Drilly were holding their own against the sword wielding Escher and the Raggy Dolls had taken more down than they’d lost, but Detroit was too valuable to loose and before anyone was killed he made the call to retreat.


“Just a few more minutes, that’s all we needed” Arry continued. “They would’ve run for sure”. At this the Red Hood rose from his scrap throne “Detroit got shot in the head with a plasma rifle! He’s lucky to still have a head. We need him to patch our gear up. We don’t have enough men to loose anyone”. Arry took a look at the three armed hulking monster and his impressive scars and backed down. The Red Hood had the most Kills and experience of any of them and Arry was in no position to argue.

Billy Shears had been quiet for the whole time. Word had got out around the Hive that he’d mutilated and captured a Van Saar Juve a while back. At first he’d been flippant about the gossip; what did everyone think these shears were for, topiary? It’s the underhive, Gangs fight all the time. But the more he heard rumours about the anger of the guilders the more paranoid he’d become.

“I think someone took a picture of me” he said quietly.

“What? Don’t be stupid” the Red Hood replied. “Why would anyone take a picture of you?”

“I saw a flash I’m sure of it”

Before anyone could reply there came a strange SHERKUNCK sound from the darkness in the corner of the room followed by a rasping scream and another SHERKUNCK. Detroit the techno had slipped away during the argument and was busy riveting a metal plate to the mutilated Van Saar captive chained to the wall.

SHERKUNCK “This’ll keep you safe” muttered Detroit as he busily wielded his rivet gun SHERKUNCK “Safe from big girls”